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Life on Mars? Yellowstone Pasta Bacterium May Show the Way

Yellowstone Sulfuri

A rover scanning the surface of Mars for evidence of life might want to check for rock formations that look like Yellowstone pasta bacterium, according to research conducted at the University of Illinois.

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Yellowstone enzymes key in Ebola diagnosis tool

Octopus Spring

Enzymes from Yellowstone National Park’s thermal features are the basis of a potential Ebola field diagnosis tool — the first of its kind that could be key in containing spread of the disease.

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Take Care: Bear Research Slated for Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley

Yellowstone Grizzly

Grizzly Bear

Just a reminder to be careful out there as we head into the end of the summer season: Biologists with the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST) will be conducting scientific grizzly bear research operations in Yellowstone National Park through October 20.

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Yellowstone Wants Share of Research Proceeds

Castle Geyser in winter

Castle Geyser in winter

A new policy proposed by the National Park Service would require firms basing commercial products on research conducted in Yellowstone National Park to share the wealth.

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