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Old Yellowstone: History of Minute Man Geyser

Have you ever seen Minute Man Geyser erupt? You might have without knowing it.

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Old Yellowstone: History of Handkerchief Pool

These days, Handkerchief Pool doesn’t crop up as a must-see Yellowstone attraction, but it was once as famous as Old Faithful Geyser.

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Old Yellowstone: Glass Cliffs And Nutmeg – Weird Tales From Yellowstone History

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

If you had never seen Yellowstone National Park before, how would you react to a description of it?

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Old Yellowstone: History of Excelsior Geyser

If Old Faithful Geyser has all the pomp of a performance, Excelsior Geyser in its heyday had the excitement of an event.

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Old Yellowstone: History of the Fountain Hotel

Historic hotels remain a significant attraction in Yellowstone National Park today.

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Old Yellowstone: Dude Wranglers, Savages and Scissorbills – Visiting Yellowstone in 1915

Those with an interest in Yellowstone history may be amused this account of the colorful characters guiding visitors through the Park in 1915, in these tales of dude wranglers, savages and more.

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Old Yellowstone: 1920s Movies

Yellowstone 1920s movies

We’ve all seen the hundreds and hundreds of historic Haynes postcards and photos, but for a great look at the Park from a bygone era, check out these amazing Yellowstone 1920s movies.

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Old Yellowstone: Cook-Folsom-Peterson Expedition

David Folsom

Papers compiled by David E. Folsom after the first organized expedition to what would become Yellowstone National Park — the Cook-Folsom-Peterson Expedition of 1869 — have been uncovered and subsequently purchased by Montana State University.

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Old Yellowstone: History of Decker’s Geyser

Steamboat Geyser

After some media exposure. the woman behind Decker’s Island and Decker’s Geyser in Yellowstone National Park has been identified and her family contacted.

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Old Yellowstone: House of Antlers

Known as the House of Horns, the Antler House or the House of Antlers, this structure was one of many early attempts by National Park Service to draw visitors to Yellowstone National Park. The first in an occasional series of looks back at Lost Yellowstone.

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