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Bison Quarantine Open House Planned February 8, 2016

The Yellowstone Association will be hosting an open house regarding the proposed bison quarantine program.

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Journalist, Wild Bison Advocate Sue Yellowstone National Park and NPS

bison, stephens creek, Yellowstone bison

A journalist and a wild bison advocate have sued the National Park Service over access to Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek Bison Capture Facility.

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Three Wounded Bison Wander Back Into Park During Hunt

Three bison wounded at the Yellowstone-Montana boundary have wandered back into the Park.

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Montana Lawmakers, Environmentalists, Livestock Reps Clash Over Yellowstone Bison

Tensions are mounting between Montana lawmakers, environmentalists, and agricultural representatives over bison management around Yellowstone.

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Yellowstone Elk Population Stable According To Annual Aerial Survey


The elk population in northern Yellowstone National Park/southern Montana is stable according to a new survey released this week.

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Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk: “Progress Is Being Made On Behalf of the Bison”

bison, yellowstone national park

Bison slaughter is expected to continue for the next few winters according to Yellowstone National Park superintendent Dan Wenk.

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New Details Emerge Regarding Bison Plan This Winter

New details have emerged regarding the hunting, slaughter, and/or removal of bison under the Interagency Bison Management Plan this year.

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State Agencies Allocate Numbers For Potential Yellowstone Grizzly Hunt

Yellowstone Grizzly

After a few weeks of inactivity, the Yellowstone grizzly delisting saga is back in full swing.

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MFU President Responds to Bison Decision

Yellowstone bison

No surprise here: The Montana Farmers Union (MFU) has come out against Governor Steve Bullock regarding his bison decision.

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Bison Will Be Allowed To Roam Between Yellowstone and Montana

Breaking news, folks: Montana Governor Steve Bullock will allow bison to roam between Yellowstone National Park and Montana year-round.

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