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First Yellowstone Bear Sighted In 2016

It may not quite be spring yet, but for at least one Yellowstone grizzly bear, winter is over.

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Yellowstone Natural History: Yellow-Bellied Marmot

The yellow-bellied marmot is a treat to see, as delightful to see as a wolf or a bison or a bear in Yellowstone National Park.

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Bears Emerging From Dens in Yellowstone

Yellowstone bear

Blame it on the groundhog perhaps, but bears have begun to emerge from their dens in Yellowstone National Park.

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Another Sign of Spring: Yellowstone Bears Emerge from Hibernation

Grizzly in snow

Another sign of spring: Yellowstone bears are emerging from hibernation in the Greater Yellowstone Area, leading the National Park Service to issue a general warning to those still in the Park.

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