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First Yellowstone Bear of 2017 Spotted Outside Mammoth


The first bear of the season has been spotted in Yellowstone National Park!

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Doug Peacock Unites Celebrities, Scientists Against Yellowstone Grizzly Delisting

Yellowstone grizzly

Wildlife advocate Doug Peacock is pulling out all the stops in his fight to stop the federal government‘s delisting of Yellowstone grizzly bears.

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Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission To Vote On Yellowstone Grizzly Hunting Regulations

Yellowstone grizzly bears

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet today to decide on potential hunting regulations for Yellowstone area grizzly bears.

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Montana FWP Releases Draft Hunting Plan For Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Yellowstone grizzly bears

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) officials have released a draft hunting plan for Yellowstone grizzly bears.

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Wildlife Biologist Says It’s Too Soon To Delist Yellowstone Grizzlies


Proposing to remove Yellowstone’s grizzlies from the Endangered Species List is a “strictly political” decision and their supposed recovery is based on a small sample of cherry-picked data, says grizzly bear scientist David Mattson.

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Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Delisting Could Come Next Year


Breaking news: federal officials have brought up the possibility of delisting Yellowstone grizzly bears by this time next year. If not sooner.

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In Memoriam: Jim Cole

Jim Cole

Jim ColeJim Cole, an advocate for grizzly bears despite being the victim of two bear maulings in recent years, has passed away due to natural causes. He was 60 and had just published a new book on his experiences with grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park.

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Officials: We Can’t Follow Judge’s Instructions for Grizzly Endangered Listing


GrizzlyGovernment officials say there's no way they can meet a requirement by U.S. District County Judge Donald Malloy that they maintain the Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly population under the auspices of the Endangered Species Act.

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