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Visitor gored by Yellowstone bison

Bison at Mammoth Campground, May 2019

A 72-year-old woman was gored after coming within 10 feet of a Yellowstone bison in an attempt to take a photo of it while camping at Bridge Bay Campground.

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Yellowstone Bison Goring Victim: Don’t Repeat My Mistakes


A year later, the victim of a Yellowstone bison goring is warning visitors to the Park to heed the guidelines on keeping an appropriate distance from Park wildlife.

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Yellowstone Bison Attack More Complicated Than Initially Reported

Earlier this week the media was told that two Yellowstone visitors were innocently attacked by a bison jumping out of a bush, unprovoked. But with the video in hand, it's clear that the bison was provoked and shows an ugly side to wildlife "appreciation" in Yellowstone National Park.

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