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4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles West Yellowstone, Gardiner

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

A 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Yellowstone National Park yesterday evening.

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Yellowstone History: Electric Peak

electric peak a superb landmark of the north side 1920 national parks portfolio robert sterling yard JE Haynes photo

It’s a marvelous sight, seeing Electric Peak crest on the horizon.

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Yellowstone Geophysicist To Present Old Faithful Findings In Jackson

Old Faithful

Geophysicist Robert “Bob” B. Smith will be presenting new findings on Old Faithful Geyser tonight in Jackson, WY.

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New Study Sheds Light On Volcanic Eruptions Around Yellowstone, Idaho

Credit: Marc Reichow, University of Leicester

It’s common knowledge eruptions occurred in the Greater Yellowstone Region.

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One-Day Trip: North Yellowstone Geology

Geologically speaking, Yellowstone National Park is a confluence of immense forces: volcanism, hydrothermal, and seismic activity.

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Upper Terrace Drive Open To Vehicle Traffic Again

upper terrace barriers

After a temporary closure, the Upper Terrace Drive in Mammoth Hot Springs is open once more to vehicle traffic.

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