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Understanding The Recent Steamboat Geyser Eruption

Steamboat Geyser in steam phase, September 2014

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory scientists have confirmed that Steamboat Geyser, located in Norris Geyser Basin, erupted last week.

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Meet Yellowstone Park Geologist Jeff Hungerford

For anyone worried about the Yellowstone volcano exploding, take heart—the park geologist isn’t too worried about it.

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Yellowstone’s Echinus Geyser Sees Spike in Activity

Echinus Geyser is active again after a period of dormancy.

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Last Sunday of the Season in Yellowstone National Park

roosevelt arch

There weren’t many people in Yellowstone Sunday afternoon, but they were all doing the same thing—enjoying the last day before the interior park roads close for the winter.

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Old Yellowstone: History of Echinus Geyser

Looking at Echinus Geyser today, you may question why it warrants the name of “geyser.”

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