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Yellowstone Bison Herd Measures Estimated 4,800 Animals

brucellosis quarantine

There are roughly 4,800 bison in the Yellowstone National Park herd, according to a survey conducted by park biologists this August.

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New Report Highlights Need To Address Brucellosis in Yellowstone Elk

Yellowstone elk herd

A new report on brucellosis calls for federal and state entities to collaborate more on curbing transmission between elk and cattle.

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Over 570 Yellowstone Bison Killed So Far This Season

Yellowstone bison

Over 570 Yellowstone bison have been killed so far this winter, according to estimates from wildlife managers.

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New Study: Elk, Not Bison, More Likely To Transmit Brucellosis

According to a new study published in the Nature Communcations journal, elk are much more likely to transmit brucellosis than bison.

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Flooding Pushing Bison Out of Yellowstone; State Hazing Them Back

Yellowstone Bison

High waters in Yellowstone National Park and the Madison River are forcing bison to wander outside the Park's boundaries -- and Montana officials are working to push them back via hazing.

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Last of Yellowstone Druid Pack Killed Near Butte


The last remaining member of Yellowstone's infamous Druid Pack is no more, as the two-year-old female was killed by a Butte-area stockman defending his cattle against her attacks.

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