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Yellowstone Area Webcams: Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace Cam

Also streaming from the second floor of the Albright Visitor Center: a camera focused on the Mammoth Hot Springs terraces. Yeah, they're not as active as they once were, but they're still worth a look. Point of reference: that's Liberty Cap to the left, past the trees.

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Yellowstone Area Webcams: Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Webcam

Streaming from the second floor of the Albright Visitor Center, the Mammoth Hot Springs webcam is popular for viewing wildlife in the general area right outside the center. It's a popular place for elk, but occasionally you'll see other wildlife wandering through.

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Yellowstone Area Webcams: Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Old Faithful Webcam in the visitor center

As you might expect, the most photographed geyser -- Old Faithful -- in the world is also the subject of the most webcams. Alas, one major webcam is down, but one installed at the new Visitor Education Center is perfectly positioned to track activity. As a bonus, the new webcam display includes predictions for the next Old Faithful Geyser eruption.

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Yellowstone Area Webcams: Windows to the Park

North Entrance

You're in the midst of a bad day: too many demands on your time, too many crowds, too much of the world.

The perfect escape: Yellowstone National Park. And the perfect tools for providing those escapes: webcams.

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We want to hear from you! There are several ways to interact with the editors of Yellowstone National Park, as well as the many, many Yellowstone National Park enthusiasts.

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Driving Mountain Highways

Every year millions of people travel over mountain roads in the Greater Yellowstone Region and come home safe and sound. There’s nothing special about mountain highways that you won’t encounter elsewhere, except perhaps 1,000 foot drop-offs, hairpin curves, and 6-9 percent grades that go on for twenty miles. What are a few white knuckles for all those views and vistas? …

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Yellowstone’s not out to get you; but it can.   The park service has been sued many times about whether it does enough to protect visitors. Over the years a kind of legal framework has been built that, roughly speaking, entrusts the park service with the job of informing the public about the dangers of Yellowstone, of erecting sufficient barriers …

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Fishing and Boating

Fishing is one of the great appeals of Yellowstone National Park. Though fishing in summer 2007 was curtailed by warm weather leading to a ban on fishing in certain parts of the park, fishing is still allowed in the rest of the area. Here’s a look at the fishing regulations for Yellowstone. 1.    Fishing Hours and Dates ·     Season begins …

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Visitor Centers

A little bit of context greatly enhances the Yellowstone National Park experience. Anyone spending time in the park will want to check out the various visitor centers maintained by the National Park Service. No two are alike, and they cover all aspects of the Yellowstone experience. They're presented here in alphabetical order.

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