Jackson Lake marina closures

Low water levels force Jackson Lake marina closures

Low water levels have forced early Jackson Lake marina closures, as drought conditions throughout the west impact Grand Teton National Park.

The Jackson Lake Dam, located on the Snake River in Grand Teton, contractually provides irrigation for the Upper Snake Basin. The Jackson Lake Dam raises the water level of the natural lake by 39 feet. But a drawdown of Jackson Lake, caused by drought conditions, has lowered Jackson Lake down to levels only seen three times in the last thirty years.

Park concessions with marina facilities, Grand Teton Lodge Company and Signal Mountain Lodge Company, have modified operations and Jackson Lake marina closures in accordance with lake level changes. The Signal Mountain and Leek’s Marinas will close for the season on Monday, September 6. The Colter Bay Marina closed for the season on August 14. Boaters should also expect that park boat ramps on Jackson Lake will become unusable.

You can check out water levels at Jackson Lake here.

Photo courtesy National Park Service.

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