Wyodaho Fire closure area

Yellowstone Fire Danger High; New Wildfires Under Observation

With the Yellowstone fire danger now assessed as being high, National Park Service officials are monitoring two new wildfires: a small blaze one mile west of Dunraven Pass and a slightly larger incident in the remote Bechler District.

With the Yellowstone fire danger now assessed as being high, Park officials say that campfires are only permitted within established fire rings in campgrounds and some backcountry campsites, and that all  campfires must be cold to the touch before abandoning. However, there are no fire restrictions currently in place in Yellowstone.

There are three wildfires currently under observation in Yellowstone National Park. (All fire activity can be tracked here.) The Pollux Fire, first detected on the evening of August 3 from the Mount Washburn fire lookout, is still regarded as an active fire and being monitored. While performing an aerial reconnaissance on the morning of August 4, Shoshone National Forest fire staff located the fire in the vicinity of Pollux Peak. Mapped at 30 acres, the remote fire does not pose an immediate threat to established trails, backcountry campsites, or patrol cabins.

Detected on August 18: The Carnelian Fire, one mile west of Dunraven Pass. This is a small wildfire, estimated at a tenth of an acre. It is still regarded as an active fire, albeit smoldering, and being monitored.

Detected by a medical aircraft on August 21: the Wyodaho Fire, about three-quarter-mile east of Wyodaho Lake in the Bechler District. The one-acre fire is smoldering and creeping in grass and open timber. It  is less than a mile from the Bechler River Trail and is about 600 feet above the trail. Currently there are no trail or campsite closures associated with this fire although a one-mile diameter area closure has been implemented to provide a margin of safety around the fire area.

Illustration courtesy National Park Service.

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