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July 2017 Third Busiest July on Record for Yellowstone

July 2017 was the third-busiest on record for Yellowstone National Park, with nearly a million visitors coming to the park in that period.

According to a Yellowstone press release, 962,404 visitors came through Yellowstone July 2017, down from 995,917 visits in July 2016.

What’s more, 2017 actually saw a marked dip in visitation. July 2015 saw 980,702 visitors, a record high.

Nonetheless, 2017 is still on-track toward being the second-busiest year on record in Yellowstone National Park. It helps that June 2017 was the second-busiest June on record. The table is below.

Year YTD Recreational Visits Through July
2012 1,930,233
2013 1,828,862
2014 1,943,682
2015 2,279,557
2016 2,427,988
2017 2,316,459

You can learn more about visitation statistics for Yellowstone National Park here.

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