Utah Couple Injured by Bison in Mud Volcano Area of Yellowstone

A married couple were butted by a bison in the Mud Volcano area of Yellowstone National Park.

It is the first bison-related incident for 2017 in Yellowstone. 2015 saw five people injured after coming across or sneaking up on bison in Yellowstone.

According to a Yellowstone press release, Theodore Schrader, 74, and Patsy Holmes, 72, of Heber City, Utah, where taking photographs on the boardwalk in Mud Volcano when a bison approached them. The bison butted Mrs. Holmes, who fell into Mr. Schrader. Both individuals toppled to the ground.

Rangers responded by evacuating the couple a quarter mile away to the road. The couple were then transported to Lake Clinic. Mrs. Holmes was later transported by Life Flight to Idaho Falls. She is in stable condition. Mr. Schrader sustained minor injuries.

Neither individual were issued citations.

Visitors in Yellowstone National Park are required to stay at least 25 yards (75 feet) away from wildlife like bison, elk and deer; visitors are required to stay at least 100 yards (300 feet) away from large carnivores such as bears and wolves.

If you encounter bison or other wildlife near a boardwalk or on a hiking trail, keep your distance and back away to avoid any interactions.

Another reminder: visitors are highly discouraged from taking “wildlife selfies” as it puts you at unnecessary risk of butting, goring and other avenues of attack. Indeed, the CDC says it’s good for your health to avoid bison selfies.

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