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Trio Survive 200-Foot Tumble in SUV in Yellowstone National Park

This weekend, an SUV rolled 200 feet down an embankment in Yellowstone National Park. Thankfully, none of the passengers were killed.

According to KBZK, the incident occurred Saturday. The report does not specify where exactly the accident took place; this time of year, however, only the road between the North and Northeast Entrances is open to vehicle traffic. From KBZK: | Continuous News | Bozeman, Montana

Park Rangers say the 75-year-old driver of the vehicle drifted too close to the edge of the road and slipped into soft snow.

The vehicle then slid down a steep embankment, bounced off some thick brush, hit a tree and rolled down the hill, landing on its side. Three people were inside.

Rangers helped two up the hill to the road, but a third suffered minor injuries and was unable to walk up the hill – he was strapped to a rescue sled and pulled up the slope to an awaiting ambulance.

“Weather conditions aren’t too extreme,” said Richard Moore, Deputy Chief Ranger for YNP Support Services. “Temperatures at the scene were single digits above zero and light winds. We mainly did this as a precautionary measure so that the patient could be a comfortable as possible as possible getting back up to the roadside instead of forcing him to traipse through a lot of knee- to thigh-deep snow up a steep slope.”

The driver was taken to the hospital for observation. At this time there is no news on his condition, although (as noted) neither the drivers nor the passengers suffered any serious injuries.

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