Fawn Fire September 3, 2016

Officials Lowers Fire Restrictions In Yellowstone National Park

Effective noon MST Wednesday, September 7, 2016, Yellowstone officials will lower fire restrictions from Stage 2 to Stage 1.

According to a Yellowstone press release, recent precipitation has tamped down on fire growth and moderated danger of rampant spread or flare-up.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions went into effect in early August. As the summer progressed, and fires continued to grow, Stage 2 Fire Restrictions came into play September 1, 2016.

As a refresher, here are the Stage 1 Fire Restrictions, courtesy of the National Park Service:

• Charcoal or wood fires of any sort are prohibited at backcountry campsites.
• There are no fire restrictions in park campgrounds, day-use picnic areas, and employee residential areas within provided fire rings.
• Portable stoves and lanterns which use pressurized liquid, jellied petroleum, or gas fuel and fully enclosed, sheep-herder type stoves with a ¼-inch spark-arrestor screen are permitted park-wide in areas where ground cover and overhead vegetation is cleared within three feet of the device.
• Smoking is permitted only inside vehicles, on sidewalks, in gravel or paved parking areas, in developed campgrounds, immediately adjacent to backcountry fire rings, and in designated smoking areas inside buildings. Smoking is prohibited on all trails.

In addition, the following activities are always prohibited in Yellowstone National Park, irrespective of fire danger:

• Discharge of fireworks or firearms
• Use of explosives or pyrotechnic devices
• Abandoning or failing to attend a campfire
• Driving a vehicle off-road
• Smoking in thermal areas
• Wood fires at the Fishing Bridge RV Park, Shoshone Lake backcountry campsites, or any backcountry campsite without a provided rock or metal fire ring.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions will stay in place until fire danger has quelled sufficiently. In addition, a sudden increase in fire danger may necessitate reinstating Stage 2 Fire Restrictions.

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