Fawn Fire September 3, 2016

Two New Fires In Yellowstone As Cool Weather Persists

Two new lightning-caused fires (Petrified and Jasper Fires) have cropped up in Yellowstone National Park, as cooler weather persists.

In addition, officials expect drier weather later in the week, which is expected to spur fire activity. Crews expect fire activity to pick up. Fires will continue to smolder until a “season-ending weather event” sweeps through.

A fire meeting has been scheduled in West Yellowstone at the LDS Church on 245 Faithful Street tonight at 7:30 p.m. MST.

Air quality continues to improve around the region. You can see the full breakdown below.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.20.51 PM

According to a Yellowstone press release, over 200 lightning strikes were reported on the Park’s east side, producing at least two reported fires. The Petrified Fire started near the Petrified Tree west of Tower Junction. It was a single-tree fire. Since the fire was in a suppression zone, crews extinguished it with water drops. Meanwhile, crews are monitoring the Jasper Fire, burning on one-tenth of an acre near Specimen Ridge.

Otherwise, cooler weather and precipitation tamped down on fire growth across Yellowstone. Maple Fire, grew to 40,443 acres—a mere 428-acre gain since our last report. Crews continue to keep the fire north of the West Entrance Road. Fuel reduction and structural protection projects have been completed around Madison Junction; crews will also continue to staff sprinkler systems in the area. Crews have also completed control lines from the Transfer Station north of Gneiss Creek to a ridge top south of Campanula Creek.

Buffalo Fire grew by 1,050 acres to 10,787acres. It continues to burn northeast along Anderson Ridge. You can see the fire from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout – Northeast Webcam.

Fawn Fire, meanwhile, showed no growth, holding at 2,684 acres. At this time, Fawn Fire is unstaffed for the immediate future, although crews will continue to monitor it by air.

Likewise, Central Fire showed no growth, holding at 1,350 acres. It is also unstaffed at this time, and will continue to be monitored by air. You can see Central Fire from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout – South Webcam.

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are still in place for Yellowstone National Park. All park roads and visitor facilities, both NPS- and concessionaire-operated, are open at this time.

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