Fawn Fire September 3, 2016

Rain Expected Today In Yellowstone National Park

Rain is expected later today in Yellowstone National Park—to the relief of many area residents and firefighters.

According to a Yellowstone press release, the combined precipitation and cooler temperatures are expected to curb fire growth, which has been, by and large, mild, with the exception of Buffalo Fire. In addition, changing weather is expected to boost air quality in the Greater Yellowstone Area, especially around West Yellowstone. See the full breakdown below. Crews report, however, they don’t expect it to end the fire season.

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A community meeting has been scheduled in West Yellowstone at the LDS Church on 245 Faithful Street. It will take place 7:30 p.m. Monday, September 5.

Fire information signs are still posted in Albright Visitor Center, near the Slough Creek Campground entrance east of Tower Junction, at the Canyon Village Education Center, Fishing Bridge Visitor Center, along the West Entrance Road and at Norris Geyser Basin.

The Maple Fire showed minimal growth and activity; it currently measures 40,015 acres, with weather slowing it to a creep in some places. The perimeter continues to smolder. Crews expect fire growth to be minimal, especially around the Transfer Station, Gneiss Creek and the ridge south of Campanula Creek, where a control line was established. Growth will be further complicated by a combination of hand lines, natural barriers, hose lays, and burned out regions.

Crews continue to work on fuel reduction projects south of the West Entrance. Otherwise, crews have completed fuel reduction and structural protection projects around the fire’s perimeter. Personnel will continue to man sprinkler systems in Madison Junction.

Buffalo Fire, meanwhile, has grown to 9,737 acres, with most of the growth coming as the fire ran northeast along Anderson Ridge. At this time, it has not crossed the Slough Creek trail. You can see footage of the Buffalo Fire from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout – Northeast Webcam.

Fawn Fire has grown to 2,684 acres. At this time, however, the fire is unstaffed, owing to the cool and wet weather projected to sweep the area. Although crews expect “no appreciable growth” today, Fawn Fire will stay hot—even with a good sprinkling of rain.

Finally, Central Fire is still reported as 1,350 acres in size, as crews did not complete an infrared mapping flight last night. At this time, it is unstaffed and will be monitored by air. You can see footage of Central Fire from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout – South Webcam.

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are still in place for Yellowstone National Park. All park roads and visitor facilities, both NPS- and concessionaire-operated, are open at this time.

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