Pocket Fire Controlled, Maple and Fawn Fires Continue To Burn

Pocket Fire is all but controlled, while Maple and Fawn Fires continue to burn.

According to a Yellowstone press release, Pocket Fire is 100 percent controlled as of 10 a.m. Saturday, August 13. We previously reported that the fire burning on one acre five miles south southeast of Old Faithful between Shoshone and Pocket Lakes, was contained. According to Inciweb, with Pocket Fire fully suppressed, firefighters will hike out of the region, while a helicopter shuttles their gear and tools.

Maple Fire, meanwhile, continues to burn and hasn’t grown in acreage. According to Park officials, a helicopter will perform reconnaissance later today to provide an update on its current spread. Smoke from the Maple Fire is still visible along U.S. 191 and parts of the Grand Loop Road.

Crews announced today they will be installing a video camera on Mount Holmes to monitor Maple Fire remotely. This feed is unavailable to the public. From time to time, however, smoke from Maple Fire is visible from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout’s Northeast webcam.

Fawn Fire, meanwhile, is still holding at 936 acres. According to crews, it is burning at a lower intensity and not kicking off smoke. Cloud cover and higher humidity have checked its growth. According to Park officials, crews monitoring the fire from the Fawn Pass cabin are being flown out. Crews will be reinstated as necessary, should Fawn flare up.

Stage 1 fire restrictions are still in place for Yellowstone National Park. There are no new trail and campground closures at this time.

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