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Yellowstone Visitation Tops Four Million In 2015

It’s official: this has been the busiest year for Yellowstone visitation, after a stellar October.

Over four million people have come to Yellowstone National Park in 2015, breaking the previous record by nearly half a million. 3.6 million people came to Yellowstone in 2010.

This October, 252,013 visitors came to the Park, an increase of over 29 percent from October 2014, when 194,804 visitors came to Yellowstone. Overall, Yellowstone visitation is up 17 percent from 2014. You can read the full numbers below.

Month Recreational Visits 2015 Recreational Visits 2014
January 28,091 26,778 +4.9%
February 34,343 28,233 +21.64%
March 22,989 18,778 +22.43%
April 46,600 31,356 +48.61%
May 383,670 310,039 +23.75%
June 780,768 669,642 +16.59%
July 980,702 858,856 +14.19%
August 854,409 773,357 +10.48%
September 680,213 571,764 +18.97%
October 252,013 194,804 +29.4%
Total Year-To-Date
4,066,191 3,483,608 +16.7%

The Park is already preparing for the 2016 season, which will mark the National Park Service centennial. And while most of Yellowstone is closed in preparation for the winter season, you can still visit Mammoth Hot Springs. As a reminder, admission will be free next Wednesday.

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