Brink of the Lower Falls trail

Brink of the Lower Falls Trail Reopened

Rangers reopened the Brink of the Lower Falls Trail today after a mudslide closed it off indefinitely.

The trail had been closed for nearly two weeks after a large boulder (about 7-feet-tall and 8-feet-long) slid onto it, damaging trail infrastructure and blocking the path.

Crews used drills to break up the boulder. Parts of the boulder were left just off the trail as a catch basin, which would protect the Brink of the Lower Falls Trail from more rockfall. The other parts were used to restore the trail. As a precaution, crews also loosened some boulders on the slope above, removing the chance they would slide down in the future.

“This is a popular trail, and we’re glad to have it open and safe for the public again,” said Canyon District Ranger Tim Townsend in a National Park Service statement.

With the removal of the boulder, visitors may freely hike on any of the North Rim trails.

Visitors should be mindful of where they walk in Yellowstone National Park. Any trail is susceptible to environmental damage. For further information on trail conditions in the Park, visit a Yellowstone visitor center or backcountry office.

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