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Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Man Nearly Falls Into Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Rangers in Yellowstone National Park saved an elderly man from tumbling into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone last Sunday.

Around 5:30 p.m. on May 10, a 71-year-old New Yorker fell approximately 25 feet after attempting to photograph a sign near Grand View. He was able to brace himself against a small crevice while falling, which prevented him from going over the edge. A nearby visitor called 911.

Two rangers were able to loop rope around the man and fasten him to a nearby tree and sign. Next, a member of the Yellowstone Technical Rescue Team secured him to a pulley after determining the man’s location. Once secured, the man was pulled up on the system of ropes and pulleys. Out of the canyon, the man was able to walk with the help of rangers, ropes and pulleys. He was later transported via ambulance and helicopter for a potential hip injury.

In total, including members of the Technical Rescue Team, 17 National Park Service employees collaborated on the rescue.

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