Yellowstone Yellow Bus

Want To Own Your Own Yellowstone Yellow Bus?

Want to own your own historic Yellowstone yellow bus? A White Motor Company yellow bus, used in the national park from 1925 through World War II, has hit the market.

The Yellowstone yellow bus, number 310, was purchase for use after the original line of Yellowstone buses was damaged in a bus-barn fire. After World War II it was sold as surplus, and for decades it was stored in a shed before being restored Here’s what the seller has to say about the bus in the eBay listing:

The original engine and chassis numbers match with Yellowstone Park records for Bus number 310 (numbers matching). It was originally purchased from White Truck with a Bender Body Co. body.

A family purchased this bus towards the end of World War II. It was located in Northern Washington State where it had been in storage in a windowless shed where it remained until it was restored.

The wood was reproduced using wood patterns from an authentic original body. The original steel cowl remains and the balance of the body was reproduced in matching 22-gauge steel. The trunk has been reproduced as per Scott Body specifications and has a couple of more inches vertical space at the opening than the old Bender trunk. An original-type, honeycomb radiator core was imported from England to restore the radiator to like-new condition.

The original White GR engines have an excellent oil system so engine wear is usually minimal. The engine was rebuilt with new piston rings. The valves were ground and new valve guides were installed. The connecting rod and main bearings were preserved and refitted. The transmission and rear-end were also inspected, restored, and serviced so entire vehicle has been restored to running and driving condition.

The original 8.25×22″ tires have good tread and are available for display in a museum setting. The investor has the choice of the original tires or may choose the new 9.00×22″ tires (as seen in photos) which mach very closely to the original tire size that is no longer available.

For your convenience the bus has been fitted with an electric starter (may still use the original hand crank if desired). The original fuel vacuum tank has been replaced by an electric fuel pump. Electric lights and horn have also been installed.

Yellowstone yellow bus

It will not be cheap to own this piece of Yellowstone National Park history; the asking price is $70,000. It is definitely unique, as many Americans saw their first glimpses of the wonders of Yellowstone on a yellow bus. Bold Ride puts it well:

In the early years, if you wanted to navigate the vast Yellowstone wilderness, your choices were pretty limited – horse, mule, wagon, or stagecoach. However, that began to change around 1916. The National Park Service consolidated lodging and transportation services at the park, helping figuratively (and literally) pave the way for cars and buses at Yellowstone. First on the scene was the White Motor Company.

White’s venerable 11-passenger TEB buses ferried droves of visitors across the park beginning in 1917, followed by the company’s new and improved 15/45 chassis in 1920. However disaster struck on March 30, 1925. Yellowstone’s bus barn burned to the ground, taking over 90 vehicles with it. How would the park handle the fast-approaching tourist season with such a loss? They rang up the White Motor Company and bought 90 more. The company worked like mad to churn out the new buses, and ultimately delivered on their promise in time.

The eBay auction runs through Sunday.

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