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Yellowstone Visitation More Than 3 Million For Eighth Straight Year

Once again, Yellowstone visitation has topped 3 million.

For the eighth straight year, a record number of visitors came to Yellowstone National Park. A total of 3,513,486 visitors came to the Park in 2014, an increase of 10.21 percent from 2013.

2014 saw the second highest Yellowstone visitation on record. Below is a table detailing the top ten visitation counts on record, courtesy of a YPS press release:

Rank Year Visitation
1 2010 3,640,184
2 2014 3,513,486
3 2012 3,447,727
4 2011 3,394,321
5 2009 3,295,187
6 2013 3,188,030
7 2007 3,151,343
8 1992 3,144,405
9 1999 3,131,381
10 1995 3,125,285

About 1.44 million people came to Yellowstone National Park via the West Entrance, which had the largest increase in visitor flow among the Park’s five entrances. In total, the West Entrance saw 14 percent more visitors than it saw in 2013.

December visitation was also up from 2013. 18,340 visitors came through Yellowstone in December 2014, a 5.53 percent increase from 2013, when 17,378 visitors came to Yellowstone.

Yellowstone visitation has not dipped below 3 million since 2006, when only 2.87 million visitors came to the Park.

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