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Record Visitation to Yellowtone in September 2014

It was a record-setting September, as some 571,764 recreational visitors came to Yellowstone National Park last month, an increase of 2.48 percent compared to September 2013.

There were 3,288,804 recreational visits to Yellowstone in first nine months of 2014, an increase of 5.68% over the same period in 2013.

With three months left in the calendar year, Yellowstone has already received more visitors in 2014 than it did the entire previous year. Park visitation in 2013 was 3,188,030, the fifth highest visitation year in the park’s history. Here’s a table showing Yellowstone National Park recreational visitation for the year by month:

2014 2013 Change
January 26,778 24,699 +8.42%
February 28,233 31,053 -9.08%
March 18,778 18,613 +0.89%
April 31,356 24,606 +27.43%
May 310,039 293,250 +5.73%
June 669,642 624,429 +7.24%
July 858,857 812,212 +5.74%
August 773,357 725,136 +6.65%
September 571,764 557,925 +2.48%
TOTAL 3,288,804 3,111,924 5.68%

The North, Northeast, and West entrances all recorded an increase in the number of automobiles and passengers for the month of September compared to 2013 levels. Bus and bus passenger numbers were up at all but the North entrance for the month to September 2013.

July is typically the peak visitation month in Yellowstone, followed in order by August, June, September, and May.

Detailed park visitation information and additional information on how these statistics are calculated is available online at

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