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Yellowstone Visitation So Far in 2014: 2.7 Million

Yellowstone National Park continues to be a huge draw on the tourism front, as numbers released by the National Park Service show over 2.7 million people visited America’s Oldest National Park so far this year.

Most of Yellowstone visitation took place in June, July and August; Park visitation in winter and spring is pretty negligible. A total of 773,357 recreational visitors came to Yellowstone in August, an increase of 6.65 percent compared to August 2013 numbers. There were 2,717,040 recreational visits for the first eight months of 2014 compared to 2013 levels, an increase of 6.38 percent.

Each of the park’s five entrances show an increase in automobiles for the month of August compared to 2013 levels. Bus visitation numbers continue to increase at all of the entrances as well, except for the north entrance, for the month compared to August of 2013.

Here’s a rundown of the Yellowstone visitation numbers for the year:

2014 2013 Change
January 26,778 24,699 8.42%
February 28,233 31,053 -9.08%
March 18,778 18,613 0.89%
April 31,356 24,606 27.43%
May 310,039 293,250 5.73%
June 669,642 624,429 7.24%
July 858,857 812,212 5.74%
August 773,357 725,136 6.65%
YTD 2,717,040 2,554,000 6.38%

Image of Yellowstone Lake courtesy National Park Service.

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