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Idiot Crashes Drone into Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Spring

Well, this was inevitable: an idiot flying a banned drone in Yellowstone National Park lost control of the device, which ended up at the bottom of Grand Prismatic Spring and still there.Drones are not allowed in national parks, but that doesn’t stop folks from flying them in the Park. And, as drones are actually not that easy to control, many of them end up crashed or in an awkward location — like Yellowstone Lake (which happened in July near Grant Village). Rangers report more and more folks are attempting to illegally fly the things, and we expect a crackdown during the rest of the season. From AP:

Park spokesman Al Nash said the drone’s operator reported that the aircraft crashed into the picturesque Grand Prismatic Spring last weekend…

The drone is submerged in the spring’s 160-degree waters. Officials hope to remove it.

“Our concern is about any potential impacts to the iconic Yellowstone thermal feature,” Nash said.

The subject came up earlier this season, when Yellowstone National Park officials once again informed people drones were not permitted in the Park.

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