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Delta Service to Cody Ending; Will Impact Yellowstone Access

There are many airports serving Yellowstone, but Cody is one of the most convenient: you can reach the Yellowstone East Entrance a little more than an hour from almost anyplace in town. Though flights in and out of Cody are a little more expensive than other regional airports, the convenience factor and the hassle factor (it’s pretty easy to walk right in and out of the small facility) is well worth the money.

The Delta Connection flight is responsible for more than half the traffic to the Cody airport. It operated close to capacity, according to the Billings Gazette, but the plane leased by SkyWest was not designed for high altitudes, leaving SkyWest to frequently bump passengers because of weight issues.

There’s still air service to Cody from Denver via United flights. Here’s a look at the other airports serving Yellowstone National Park:

  • Yellowstone Airport is located within a stone’s throw of the Park in West Yellowstone. Delta flies in and out of this small airport twice daily from Salt Lake City, with an additional weekend flight. It’s the most expensive way to fly in and out of the Park; it certainly is the most convenient.
  • Gallatin Field Airport is located in Bozeman, making it easy to drive to either the West Entrance or the North Entrance. More major airlines serve this market — Delta United, Allegient, Frontier, Alaska — with plenty of nonstop flights. It’s our favorite when traveling from afar to the Park. The prices are usually competitive as well.
  • Logan International Airport is in Billings and provides easy access to the Northeast Entrance via the Beartooth Highway or the North Entrance. Fares are usually a little higher because Billings is the regional business center. It’s also a little hassle to fly out of Billings: lines at screenings and airport desks can be long.
  • Jackson Hole Airport is the only airport located in a National Park — Grand Teton National Park — and Jackson is a major gateway to the region. Prices are usually a little more expensive to this airport than other airports in the area, but it’s very easy to get in and out of this facility and there’s the bonus of spending some time in Jackson.
  • Idaho Falls Regional Airport is usually left out of discussions of Yellowstone airports, but Idaho Falls is only 109 miles from West Yellowstone and 90 miles from Jackson. It’s a regional business center, so airfares tend to be a little more expensive than Bozeman.


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