Yellowstone National Park

Rumblings on the Edge of Yellowstone National Park

Wintertime thermal activity tends to go unnoticed except for the sensors: there simply are fewer people in the area. But the sensors are pretty clear about 12 measurable micro earthquakes since the beginning of the year in an area generally within 20 miles of West Yellowstone (though a few have been much farther out), with some rumbles detected within the Park itself.

In fact, the largest of these rumbles came Wednesday morning, when a 1.6-Richter quake was measured northwest of West Yellowstone, matching a similar micro quake measured on Jan. 1.

You can view a map of the seismic activity here.

Now, this probably means nothing. Seismic activity in the area is common; you can check the above link and there’s usually something or another listed. Still, with some of the micro quakes approaching levels where they can be felt by people (1.4 on the Richter scale is usually the dividing line) and a clear short-term increase in activity, tongues will again be wagging among those who watch Yellowstone seismic activity as a sign of things to come — especially when combined with news reports of birds dropping from the sky and fish dying in the rivers. Yeah, we’ve read the Book of Revelation as well.

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