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Escaped Convicts Out of Yellowstone: Feds

Marshals caught up with Tracy Province (right) in Meeteetse, Wyoming today after a tipster pointed them in that direction; she chatted with him outside a church yesterday and reported him after recognizing him from news accounts. He surrendered to federal officials without a struggle; he was carrying a 9mm pistol and hitchhiking to Casper. The other prison escapee, John Charles McCluskey (left), and his alleged accomplice, 43-year-old Casslyn Mae Welch (center), are believed now to be somewhere in western Wyoming (heading to Casper) in a gray Nissan Sentra after leaving the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, according to U.S. Marshal David Gonzales.

McCluskey, 45, and Province, 42, escaped a private prison in Kingman, Arizona on July 30 and headed out of the state.  Welch allegedly threw tools onto the prison yard, allowing them to escape. Province was serving a life sentence for murder and armed robbery, while McCluskey was serving 15 years for attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm. McCluskey is described by the U.S. Marshals Service as being armed and dangerous:

The pair have gone on a spree of sorts since breaking out of prison: they are suspected in the murder of an Oklahoma pair traveling in New Mexico as well as allegedly hijacking an 18-wheel truck.

Canadian Mounties warned last night that the pair may have a goal of heading into Canada.

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