Yellowstone Bison

Pair Charged by Bison in Biscuit Basin Parking Lot

The incident occurred last night when a 49-year-old woman and a 61-year-old male family member were exiting the Biscuit Basin thermal area to rejoin their family group in the parking lot. A bison charged out of a nearby brush area and went after the two of them, flipping the woman into the air and causing the man to trip and fall. Both left the area under their own power, but other Yellowstone tourists called rangers, who dispatched EMT services to the area. After being intercepted in their car, the pair were ambulanced to the Jackson hospital.

This is the second injury caused to humans by bison this summer.

Bison may appear to be docile and slow-moving, but they’re extremely fast and have a little bit of a temper if they feel you’re encroaching on their personal space. Park Service officials recommend staying at least 25 yards away from bison at all times.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It appears that much of what we were initially told about the incident was a complete fabrication. Please check out our follow-up story, complete with video.

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