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American Family Association: God Directed Grizzly to Kill Hiker Outside Yellowstone

Bryan Fischer, director of issue analysis of the American Family Association, wrote that God created grizzlies to be killing machines and there’s no point in actually studying them. What’s the Biblical rationale for this? A conflation of two verses from Leviticus, turning into one misleading doozy:

“[I]f you will not listen to me and will not do all these commandments…I will let loose the wild beasts against you” (Lev. 26:14,22).

Wild beasts — like grizzlies.

Of course, Fischer selectively quotes: the wild beasts are to be loosed only after several other God-ordered punishments, like plagues, occurs — punishments that haven’t happened. If we were to take Leviticus literally (which probably isn’t a good idea, especially the verses concerning how owners should treat their slaves), Fischer’s analysis would still fall short. But the Bible doesn’t argue what Fischer argues.

Here’s his amazing conclusion:

The grizzly is a predator, a fierce, savage unstoppable killing machine. … Because these researchers were intent on studying the grizzly rather than killing him to protect innocent human life, a husband, father and grandfather is dead today. This was an utterly unnecessary death which could have happened only because our culture has jettisoned a biblical view of the relative value of human life compared to animal life. Because this animal was given a nap instead of a bullet, a human being is dead, and a savage animal is alive, on the prowl, and ready to kill again.

Let that sink in. Because we are researching grizzlies and not killing them, grizzlies are rising up to kill humans. (Fischer is also wrong about other things: the bear has been killed.) That’s probably some small consolation to the widow of Erwin Frank Evert: he didn’t die because he startled a grizzly, he died because of the decline of Western civilization and unleashed the grizzlies.

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