Old Faithful Lodge

Yellowstone Restoration: A Year-Round Process

Most Yellowstone visitors don’t enter the back recreation area known as Geyser Hall at the Old Faithful Lodge; these days it’s reserved for Park employees. It dates back to 1923 and is, like so many other concessionaire-run buildings in the Park, historically important and protected. The Hall is 100 feet by 136 feet and some 75 feet tall at the peak of the ceiling.


Though it may not be apparent, these spaces — including the ones closed to the general public — undergo regular maintenance. That’s the case this offseason, as 187 gothic-style pendant luminaires were removed from Geyser Hall in November and transported some 2,400 miles to Connecticut, where Grand Light is restoring them.

The lights will be stripped down to base components and rewired. Amber glass that can be reused will be reinstalled; new matching glass will go in where needed.

When you visit Yellowstone next summer, make a point of looking at the restored lights at Geyser Hall: this sort of historic restoration surely isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, but it’s the kind that keep the Park going.

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