Yellowstone Bison

Experts: Hazing, Not Slaughter, Should Be Centerpiece of Yellowstone Bison Strategy

The group was convened after a Government Accountability Office memo criticized the previous bison management program, which led to 1,600 bison slaughtered in 2008.

Ranchers are hoping to keep bison in the park and away from their cattle out of fear of disease, specifically brucellosis, while advocate groups are hoping to give the bison more space to roam. Brucellosis, carried by some Yellowstone bison, can cause cows to spontaneously abort their fetuses, but there are no documented cases of brucellosis being transmitted from a bison to cattle.

Some other proposals being considered include manufacturing a brucellosis vaccine, expanding the area where bison cannot be captured outside Yellowstone, and more hunting outside the park.

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