Greater Yellowstone Wolf Pack Map 2008

Year by year the distribution of wolf packs in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem becomes larger and more dense. New packs spring up, or move, each year. Some packs disappear, in some cases because the wolves naturally die off or split, in other cases, such as the Moccasin Pack near Red Lodge, Montana, because they are eradicated by agreement of the relevant state and federal agencies. In any case, a map of wolf packs should be understood as only approximate. For one thing, this is always based on last year’s data. However, if you’re looking for places to see wolves ‘in the wild’ the map may be of some help for spotting concentrations. Keep in mind that wolves are where the game is, meaning elk and bison in or near Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Elsewhere they may be following deer, moose, or other game.



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