The Yellowstone Snow Lodge is one of the more recent additions to Yellowstone National Park, but it is not lacking in the rustic charm and natural ambiance associated with Yellowstone National Park and the other hotels. Built in 1999, it is the only hotel in the Old Faithful area open all year round, but it's mainly geared towards people looking for a place to stay in winter, hence "Snow Lodge." Its architecture also reflects and reinforces the wild, organic setting of Yellowstone, being constructed mainly out of wood and built in the style of a cabin. The lobby greets visitors with comfy chairs and a warm fireplace, a great place to relax and sip a nice warm drink. The rooms are also an extension of the "Lodge" theme, as they are spacious and comfortable, with full bathrooms and telephones.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge

The Yellowstone Snow Lodge is Yellowstone’s best place to stay in the winter. But you’re welcome to stay in the summer. But be warned, since all of Yellowstone’s hotels do not feature air-conditioning, it gets extremely hot during the summer. The Yellowstone Snow Lodge also contains no televisions, radios, or Internet-hookups; so once again, be warned that when you go to Yellowstone, you are truly entering a magnificent, albeit fragile, wilderness.

The rooms are basically all the same, with accessible rooms located on the ground floor. They go for $201, and they sell out fast.

Also considered part of the Snow Lodge complex are older cabins, but they both predate construction of the actual Snow Lodge by many years. For the most part they feature two double beds and a full bathroom. They go for $147 a night. A bare-boned Frontier Cabin goes for $99.

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All prices for 2009 summer and winter seasons.

GPS coordinates: 44° 27.387 N     110° 49.777 W
2009 summer season: May 1 – October 18
2009-2010 winter season: December 18 – March 14

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