We are not going to lead you astray and tell you the hotel rooms at Grant Village are high on our list of favorite places to stay in Yellowstone National Park. Truth be told, they're our least favorite. They lack any sort of character; no standard-issue Yellowstone lodge furniture. The exteriors look like they could be anywhere in the northern United States; no echoes of parkitecture here. Above all, they don't feel like they are part of Yellowstone. The six buildings with 50 units apiece are utterly interchangeable and fairly anonymous.

Grant Village

So why stay here? Many of the units do have views of Lake Yellowstone — but so do many of the rooms at Lake. Some people prefer any sort of room with a full bathroom to a cabin, and sometimes Grant Village is the hotel of last resort. Some know they’ll be arriving in the Park lake after spending time at Grand Teton National Park and want to stay at the first choice available. And enough people like Grant to the point where it’s sold out most of any summer season — but we attribute this to a captive audience. Quite honestly, we’d recommend staying at a hotel in one of the gateway communities — like Gardiner or even Cooke City — before you book a room here, especially in August: you’ll have the comforts of a real hotel room without the high prices of Grant Village.

There are two types of rooms at Grant Village; as you might expect, the more expensive room gets you a better view — or a view at all. A Hotel Room runs you $150, while a Mid-Range Room costs $145. All rooms feature bathrooms with showers and tubs.

Grant Village, by the way, was named for former U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant and was built in 1984.

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GPS coordinates: 44° 23.385 N     110° 33.328 W
2009 season: May 22 – September 27

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