Grand Teton National Park

Few mountain ranges anywhere in the world rise more dramatically than the Grand Tetons from Jackson Hole. Grand Teton National Park is, of course, a major destination in its own right and certainly a ‘must see’ for those going to or from Yellowstone from the south. This is some of the most photographed scenery in the country and the backdrop for numerous movies (think Shane). It also has a pearl-chain string of beautiful lakes, numerous mountain trails, and the fishing mecca of the Snake River.

Leave the main highway (U.S. 89) at either Jackson Lake Junction or Moose and travel the Teton Park Road. This brings you as close to the mountains as you can get without hiking into them. The “Cathedral Group” (Grand Teton, Mt. Owen, and Mt. Teewinot) rise over a mile (from 6,784 to 13,766) seemingly straight up. Reflected in the waters of String or Jenny Lake these mountains make unforgettable images (in your head or in a camera). On a warm and sunny day, a picnic at String Lake is a special experience.

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