A wide variety of rooms are available at Canyon Lodge and Cabins. While they are not especially rustic and can be a little noisy, Canyon's various lodging options are billed as being the most centralized in the Park. That's probably true, and if you want to spend any time from the madding crowds descending on the western geyser fields, then Canyon is for you.

Canyon Lodge and Cabins

There are two lodges at Canyon: Dunraven Lodge and Cascade Lodge, located next to one another. Cascade Lodge, which opened in 1992, features three floors of rooms, while Dunraven Lodge, which opened in 1998, features four floors of rooms. (Alas, only Dunraven Lodge has an elevator, so that’s your choice if you have some mobility issues or just don’t want to lug your stuff up two or three flights of stairs.) The rooms are decorated the same in both lodge: your standard Yellowstone-issue lodge furniture, two double beds and a full bathroom. No pets are allowed in either facility.

Three types of cabins are available at Canyon. Western Cabins ($156) date back to 1969 but were remodeled in 2005, so they feature the standard Yellowstone-issue lodge furniture. Western Cabins are equipped with two queen beds and a full bathroom. Frontier Cabins ($101) aren’t quite as nice, featuring two double beds or two single beds and equipped with a shower, toilet and sink. Pioneer Cabin ($74) are the most removed from any views and feature two double beds or two single beds and are equipped with a shower, toilet and sink. Be warned that these aren’t “cabins” like the Roosevelt Lodge cabins are: they’re clumped in groups of four or eight, and no standalone units are available.

All three styles of cabins allow pets.

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GPS Coordinates: 44° 44.063 N  110° 29.385 W
2009 Season (Cascade and Dunraven Lodges, Western Cabins, Dining Room): May 29 – September 13
2009 Season (Picnic Shop and Gift Shop): May 29 – September 27
2009 Season (Pioneer and Frontier Cabins, Cafeteria): May 29 – August 30

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