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Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake doesn’t have the drama of an erupting geyser, nor the force of the waterfalls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, but it holds the third position in things to see in Yellowstone by its sheer scope and majestic surroundings. It’s the second largest lake in the world at high elevation and the only one that isn’t ‘civilized’. Other than the park highways that skirt the western and northern ends of the lake, this whole vast basin of water is without roads–and few trails. It’s depths hold volcanic craters and spires of thermal cones, and it is just beginning to be discovered. This is a must see to explore the beach somewhere and soak up the atmosphere of a great lake.

Explore the shore of Yellowstone Lake at Fishing Bridge. For something civilized, get an ice cream cone or snack at the General Store and head across the road to the Fishing Bridge Museum. Behind the museum is a fine strand of sand with trees for shade, a few benches, and glorius vistas of lake and mountains. For something less populated, try the Pelican Creek nature trail, located on the East Entrance Road about 2 miles east of Fishing Bridge.

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