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What to see

The Beartooth Highway

The Beartooth Highway from Red Lodge to Cooke City, Montana is one of the most spectacular and renowned mountain roads in the United States. It traverses some of the largest of high plateaus in North America, crosses the Beartooth Pass at 10,974 ft / 3,345 m, and provides awe-striking vistas of deep canyons and snow covered mountains. It is an official “All ...

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Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Buffalo Bill Historical Center – It may sound like a local dust catcher. It’s not. It’s a world-class museum and interpretive center, or more correctly, five museum centers: Cody Firearms Museum Whitney Gallery of Western Art Buffalo Bill Museum Plains Indian Museum Draper Museum of Natural History. There is no better place to get an overview of the Greater Yellowstone ...

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Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake doesn’t have the drama of an erupting geyser, nor the force of the waterfalls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, but it holds the third position in things to see in Yellowstone by its sheer scope and majestic surroundings. It’s the second largest lake in the world at high elevation and the only one that isn’t ‘civilized’. ...

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Grand Teton National Park

Few mountain ranges anywhere in the world rise more dramatically than the Grand Tetons from Jackson Hole. Grand Teton National Park is, of course, a major destination in its own right and certainly a ‘must see’ for those going to or from Yellowstone from the south. This is some of the most photographed scenery in the country and the backdrop for ...

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Must See


Every guide and visitor has their own notion of the most important things to see in and around Yellowstone National Park. In fact, you probably have your own list. Still, if you've never been to the Yellowstone region or you're not sure what you've seen before, a Must See list may be helpful. Ours is very short, just six items: Old Faithful Geyser, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone Lake,  the Beartooth Highway, the Grand Tetons, and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Each of them is described below.

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Old Faithful

If ever there was a ‘must see’ that falls into the category–“You have to see it at least once”–it’s Old Faithful. Sure, EVERYBODY does it (at least once), and seeing Old Faithful erupt is hardly a wilderness experience (chances are there will be a few hundred other people watching with you); but the old geyser is the most frequent and reliable ...

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River is breathtaking, and it really is made of ‘yellow stone’; but that’s not what sets this ‘must see’ apart. It’s a magnificent canyon with not one but two great waterfalls: The Upper and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. The Lower Falls (308 ft/ 94m) is the largest in the Rocky Mountains. The falls ...

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